The 3rd Man was originally developed in 1996.  3rd Man cart tipper design was quite an innovation because they had a tipper that addressed the industry wide problem of cart bottom bar damage.  3rd Man introduced a patented spring shock system that gently secures the bottom bar on carts and acts like a shock absorber.  The lower hooking mechanism was also effective in preventing damage because it insured complete release of the cart well above ground.  Cart bottom bar damage was virtually eliminated by the use of their unit. 

Bayne is known for their ThinlineĀ® lift with rack and pinion actuator, Bayne is the industry's leading supplier of cart tippers and carry cans for the mobile refuse industry. Bayne's diverse line of lifters for mobile refuse trucks is second to none, providing the most reliable solution to your garbage handling needs. Bayne have lifters that work with almost any application or budget.

Cart Tippers

Stringfellow sales the recognized leaders in roll-off cable hoists for the waste handling and scrap industries.  Stringfellow offers a Galfab and Heil Roll-Off Hoists that gives you a wide variety of truck-mounted and trailer hoists in single, tandem, and multi axle configurations designed to accommodate most types of roll-off containers.  These roll-off cable hoists are the standard for the waste industry.  With durability and service life, these hoists will outlast most chassis.

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