Sto-away Power Cranes, Inc. is a U.S. Manufacturer located in Northwest Indiana and has been in the metal fabrication since 1982 and was incorporated in 1988. Being in business for at least 26 years we have focused our core business in manufacturing to our current client’s lifting needs. Sto-away Power Cranes, Inc. is a small company with large goals. 
Sto-Away Power Crane are so lightweight they are designed to be mounted almost anywhere a crane might be useful, such as, inside your enclosed service body, on a flatbed, or in a pickup where it can be folded away into its own bumper which gives you full use of the truck bed and tailgate.  


You can choose from many different models of cranes ready to handle any capacity you might need. All models are high quality, reliable, durable and built by the best. Many options are also available to increase efficiency.  Stringfellow deals only with top quality suppliers who continue to manufacture products to the highest quality standards.  We offer the ultimate crane solutions for saving your company time and money.

Stringfellow offers two different styles of cranes, to see sizes and features that are offered in each application, click a link below.


​​From the beginning over forty years ago, in 1961, Liftmoore, Inc. has built truck cranes for field service, material handling and many other uses. Liftmoore has maintained a quality product throughout its past and that tradition continues today.  By supplying a quality product and providing excellent customer service, Liftmoore has grown from a company with only a local market to now have distribution throughout the United States and Canada.