Features & Benefits:
Complete 3-Year Parts Warranty:
- ALL Parts (Structural & Hydraulic)
- World's Best Warranty, in writing because we're "HOOKED ON QUALITY"!
- No Fine Print
- ​
Warranty StatementSwapLoader's Family of Hook-lift Hoists:
- 14 Hoist Models
- Capacities ranging from 10,500 lb. up to 65,000 lb., depending on hoist model.
- Accommodate body lengths of 10' to 24', depending on hoist model.
- Adjustable Jib height option, currently offered on five models.
- Move up or down in capacity by mixing and matching different hoist models into your fleet, as your needs change & grow. Consult
Stringfellow with any questions.

Sliding Jib Design:
- True horizontal movement across the working platform, without lifting off.
- Remain within the safety of the Rear Body Locks throughout a majority of Jib travel.
- Able to transfer weight rearward in an emergency overload situation, while body remains inside the safety of the Rear Body Locks. Slide Through Rear Body Locks: - Effortless Engagement
- Up to 18" of engagement on all hoists, select hoists much greater distances (see SwapLoader sub-frame drawings under Models section
​ for details).
- Safely secures loads during transport, dump and weight transfer situations.
- Overturn Protection Built-in.

​Dual Lift/Dump Cylinders:
- Best load handling stability in the industry, especially while working in uneven ground situations.
- Extended life expectancy, by spreading workload and stress evenly across tandem lift/dump cylinders. All other hoist components also
​ enjoy the same benefit and longevity.

Dual Rear Pivot Section:
- Provides hoist with true dump capabilities.
- Combine with lift cylinders to offer incredibly high dump angles, up to 58°.
- Achieve max dump angle with a wider range of body lengths.
- Provides increased (pry bar) leverage when lifting stubborn or stuck containers off the ground.

Low Pressure Hydraulics:
Designed for easy sharing with other hydraulically powered equipment (spreaders, tarps, water tanks, etc..).
- Allows for use with gear pump. Gear pumps are more tolerant to system contaminants, extremely reliable in ALL weather conditions
and ideal for use with low-pressure hydraulic systems.
- We utilize stackable Parker valve sections. They're easy to add onto, inexpensive to replace (in comparison) and parts are readily
​ available, even on the local level.
- Max operating pressures of 2,800 PSI to 3,500 PSI, depending on hoist model.

Integral Dual Counterbalance Valves:
- A vital safety feature that automatically locks cylinders in place, should the operator experience a sudden or unexpected loss in pressure.
- Built directly into the lift/dump cylinders, eliminating the chance of it being knocked off by a falling object.
- Guarantees even extension and retraction between lift/dump cylinders, should the load shift to one side, while dumping.
- Protects your investments; chassis, hoist, container & cargo. Most importantly, it protects your employees.
- Flow controlling valves that require a minimum of 1,000 PSI to move the lift cylinders in either direction (power up & power down).

Jib Lockout Valve:
Inhibits jib movement anytime the hoist engages the dual rear pivot by shutting off the circuit to the jib cylinder.
- Primarily designed to reduce the chances of the hoist being damaged should the driver pull the wrong lever while dumping.

Nylatron Slide Pads:
Guards against material loss in both the hoist's mainframe and container long rails (sub-frame).
- Offers silent travel across the working platform.
- Wipes debris from the bottom of the long rails (dirt, rock, snow, ice, etc..).
- Designed as a wear (replaceable) item, with a life expectancy of 3 to 5 years. Life span depends on a number of factors; loads handled
per day, average load capacities and the working condition of the container long rails.

Grease Zerks & Bronze Bushings:
Allows for the expulsion of contaminants that may enter the pivot joints over time.
- Bronze Bushings will last for many, many years if greased regularly.

Consistent Design:
All SwapLoader Hook-lift Hoists enjoy the same great features and benefits. SwapLoader is the only hook-lift manufacturer who can
make this claim across the board.
- From the SL-105 through the SL-650, the only differences are more steel and larger cylinders to accommodate the promised (true)
​ capacity ratings.



Stringfellow would like to show you with Swaploader you can turn a single truck into a versatile fleet. Go from a single function to a multi functional truck virtually overnight. Expand your business into areas you never thought possible. Now you can do more with less, when you install the SwapLoader hooklift System on your trucks.

A SwapLoader hooklift hoist lets you mount and dismount truck

bodies (flat beds, dump bodies, vans, sand/salt spreaders, water

tanks, waste recycling containers and more) in a matter of seconds

and without leaving the safety of your cab. Just back up, hook up,

and go.

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