Heil takes it's leadership role in automated technology very seriously.  That's why our engineers invested more than two years researching, developing and refining the Python.  After extensive testing at the factory and on the job, Python has proven itself to be the fastest, smoothest, most maintenance-friendly automated arm on the market!

What does "fast" mean to you?  Python's 6-second lift cycle can save you up to 4 seconds per stop.  Those 4 seconds can add up to more than an hour a day, which can add up to savings of more than $15,000 per truck - per year!

How about "smooth"?  Python features John Deere's 3-inch cushioned cylinders, which allow it to operate as smoothly as a giant reptile - saving wear on the lift arm and the chassis.  And this Python really extends itself for you.  A 9-foot reach makes even the most difficult pickups easy.

The Python is even "stronger" than its namesake.  It'll lift up to 2,000 pounds and immediate start looking for its next meal.

It's not surprising that Python is putting the squeeze on all other lift systems!


  • 6-second lift cycle can save you up to 4 seconds per stop!
  • Enclosed oil-bath gearbox and specially hardened grabber gears virtually eliminate gear wear
  • Longer, precision-made John Deere cylinders deliver smoother, cushioned performance
  • Simple, reliable joystick controls

After 24 years and over 16,000 units, the Formula 500 is a proven performer.  In all that time, we've learned a thing or two about high compaction rear loaders.  Like how to build them lighter and stronger, for bigger payloads.  How to put more payload forward in the body for better weight distribution and less wear on chassis components.  And how to harness high pressure hydraulics for faster cycle times than ever before.

We've also learned how to utilize state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques and innovative design to drive down production costs.  Heil is the only domestic refuse body company to achieve ISO 9001: 2000 certification, your further assurance of consistent quality.  We've fine tuned our manufacturing process so you won't get any surprises.. except maybe for the low price you'll pay for today's Formula 5000.

Features and Highlights:

  • 3.94 cubic yard hopper is the largest in the industry, which means more trash, fewer cycles, less time on the route, and more money in your pocket.

  • 16-second cycle time leads the way when it comes to high compaction rear loaders.  With reload in just 6 seconds, your crews won't be waiting for something to do.

  • Fully welded interlaced subframe for extra strength and superior resistance to rust and corrosion.

  • A linkage packing design with no slides or rollers to wear out.  Over the life of the body, you'll save a bundle in maintenance costs.

  • Precision manufacturing done by robots, along with automated fabrication equipment such as ultra-fast laser for incredibly close tolerances, makes welds stronger, more consistent, and cleaner looking, too.



The Heil Formula 4000 rear loader is the mid-range workhorse of the industry.  Its low profile, high-tensile steel body delivers the biggest payload-to-weight ratio of any mid-range rear loader.  With a variety of container handling options available, the Formula 4000 is a complete, economical system for refuse collection.

Heil builds refuse vehicles to last.  We start with high-tensile steel to put extra strength into the body and tailgate without adding extra weight.  Heil's interlaced sub floor puts even more strength where it's needed most, to ensure years of dependable service.

The Formula 4000 gets the job done quickly, capable of an 18-second packing cycle and equipped with a 2.66 cubic hopper that's ready to reload in 5 seconds.  You'll get payloads up to 800 pounds per cubic yard too.  With numbers like that, the Formula 4000 will outperform any other rear loader in its class.

Thousands of satisfied customers worldwide are using the Heil mid-range rear loader to handle collections in big cities and small towns alike.  And because we build it better in the beginning for greater durability and performance, your long term cost of ownership is lower with the Formula 4000.  You can be assured your Formula 4000 will be on the route every day for years to come.  That kind of dependability not only saves you money, it means peace of mind.  And that can be priceless.


  • Tighter fit - ejector panel is engineered for precise fit and does not contact the tailgate.  The snoutless ejector, with elevated cylinder base and aluminum/brass alloy shoes, ensures lower maintenance costs.

  • Open Front Head - Provides easy access for maintenance behind ejector panel and to the ejector cylinder.  An optional side access door is also available with an enclosed front head.

  • Stronger Floor - Heil's interlaced subfloor and abrasion-resistant, high-tensile steel result in a stronger floor to survive the most demanding conditions.

  • Filtration - External tank with 10 micron spin-on filter and suction line shutoff valve.  Easy service of hydraulic oil system will mean your system stays cleaner, reducing wear on hydraulic components.

  • Lighting - High visibility lighting is standard on the Formula 4000, for the safety of your operators as well as your customers.

  • Container Handling Options - A variety of container mechanisms are available, including the winch, the fully hydraulic roll bar, and the reeving cylinder.



Forget the bells and whistles.  A work of art like Heil's Half/Pack Classic doesn't need them.  Like all true classics, this one relies instead on heart and soul, on tradition and excellence.  Save the techno-wizardry for those who need it.

Municipal users and private haulers have told us they need a commercial front loader with the proven construction features of the DuraPack Half/Pack, but without the electronic features necessary on residential front loaders.  The result is the Classic - a commercial machine you can count on stop after stop, day after day, for years to come.

The Classic comes with the same body and interlaced sub frame of the DuraPack Half/Pack, the same hydraulic cylinders, bolt-on cylinder pins, and other standard features you've come to expect.  There's no compromising quality or durability when you choose Heil, and that means you'll save money in the long run.

Best of all, the Classic comes with Heil's century-old tradition of service to our customers.  Like all Heil products, the Classic is backed by intensive testing and research, complete technical support after the sale, a worldwide network of dealers and distributors, and a new training center to help you get the most from your investment.


  • Positive Closing Tailgate - Our exclusive Shur-Lock tailgate allows driver operation from inside the cab.  Easily visible manual indicator tells the operator the tailgate is locked.
  • The best cylinders - The Classic uses the same cylinders we put on the DuraPack Half/Pack, but we've made the 5-year Gold Seal warranty an option.  A one-year warranty is standard.  So is a one-year body warranty.
  • Classic controls - The Half/Pack Classic comes with reliable air controls, in your choice of levers or joystick.


In the refuse hauling business, certain routes require special consideration and the right kind of equipment.  When a full size refuse vehicle just isn't right, Heil's Retriever Satellite side loader can get the job done quickly and efficiently. 

Parks and recreation areas, airports, tight alleys, and gated communities are perfect applications for the Retriever - other trucks are just too big and heavy.  Easy to maneuver and operate, the Retriever, gets in and out of tight areas quickly.  It's also perfect for collecting missed stops, and as a backup vehicle for the rest of your fleet.  The smaller chassis is an added bonus, too, because there is no costly FET to pay and no CDL required to operate the unit. 

At Heil, we know that bigger isn't always better.  As your equipment partner we understand your needs, build it right, and back it with conviction.  It's what you've always expected from Heil, and we deliver.  Even when you need it on a slightly smaller scale.


  • Available in 6-yard and 10-yard models
  • "Double Packing" system delivers payloads of up to 900 pounds per cubic yard
  • Curved body shell looks good longer
  • High tensile steel floor
  • Reliable Husco valves and O-ring fittings
  • Hydraulic tubes instead of hoses
  • Easy to service hydraulic and electrical systems, with no components behind the front head
  • New self-closing tailgate
  • Controls on both sides of body.


When we asked our engineers to develop the MultiTask SL, we didn't want them to simply re-design an existing drop frame side loader.  Instead, we challenged them to re-define the term - to find new ways to accept garbage, new ways to pack it, and new ways to eject it.  As Heil engineers have done for more than 100 years, they delivered.  In fact, the resulting "next generation" drop frame side loader is so unique, multiple patents are pending.

In a perfect world, all neighborhoods would be automated, drivers would never have to leave their cabs and you would never see loose garbage placed around a container.  But, at Heil, we design for the real world.  That's why the MultiTask SL can be loaded by hand, with a tipper, or with the optional Python automated arm.  This three-way versatility not only offers your customers better service, it's an ideal step between manual routes and full automation.

Forget ordinary crushers that only rotate 90 degrees.  MultiTask SL features the Radial Crusher, a unique blade that not only crushes garbage, it sweeps it through the larges hopper in the industry and up into the truck body - with no assistance from a packing blade.  That's nearly 250 degrees of rotation!  So your drivers will save time, and wear and tear on the packing blade.  Furthermore, the Radial Crusher tackles cardboard boxes and other memory materials in one sweep, as opposed to the three or four operations required by a conventional crusher panel and packer blade.

All told, the MultiTask SL is the most advanced residential refuse collection truck on the market.  Best of all, it's delivered with the quality you expect from Heil.



  • The revolutionary Radial Crusher rotates nearly 250 degrees!
  • Full ejection provides unbeatable stability at the landfill
  • The Python automated arm's 6-second lift cycle can save you up to 4 seconds per stop
  • 1.7-cubic-yard hopper is the larges in the industry.