​​Vehicle operators and cargo handlers complete daily tasks in a safer and more efficient fashion by using carefully-designed Tommy Gate hydraulic lifts

In addition to producing liftgates of the highest quality, Woodbine Manufacturing Company maintains a deep-rooted priority on customer and employee satisfaction over margin of profit.

Anthony Liftgates Inc. offers a complete range of durable liftgates designed to handle your delivery needs. We've been perfecting our products since 1941, so you can depend on our rugged liftgates day after day to provide all the benefits you've come to expect from Anthony.  


You can choose from many different models of liftgates ready to handle any capacity you might need. All models are high quality, reliable, durable and built by the best. Many options are also available to increase efficiency.  Stringfellow deals only with top quality suppliers who continue to manufacture products to the highest quality standards.  We offer the ultimate liftgate solutions for saving your company time and money.

Stringfellow offers two different manufactures of liftgates, to see sizes and features that are offered in each application, click a link below.