Marauder SL Dump Body

The Reading Marauder SL dump body can get the job done. The Marauder SL dump body was designed to maximize your payload and increase fuel efficiency. The heavy duty understructure, rugged steel floor and side wall construction, and the high-capacity hoist will give you a tough, durable and reliable dump body. It is available in 

9’ and 11’ lengths.

Marauder Drop-Side Dump Body

Convenient Drop-Side Marauder Dump Body

The Drop-Side Marauder Dump Body contains all the standard features and options of the Marauder Dump Body, with the additional advantage of steel or aluminum (optional) drop sides . Marauder Dump Bodies are covered by a 3 year limited warranty.
Stringfellow offers the Reading Marauder Dump Bodies that are commonly used in the construction industry by contractors and excavators.  Other dump body applications include nurseries, masonry, hauling and many more.  Dump bodies, as the name implies, are equipped with underbody hoists, and are used in any application where bulk product has to be unloaded quickly. Typical products transported by the dump body are soil, sand, stones, and mulch. Drop-side Marauder Dump Bodies provide the ability to lower either one side or both sides for loading/unloading palletized material.

Marauder Steel Standard-Duty Dump Body

The Reading Marauder Standard Duty Dump Body is available in 2-3 yard and 3-4 yard capacities. Dump bodies come with an industry leading 3 year limited warranty.