Stringfellow, Inc. offers the full Reading Line of Steel and Fuel Saving Aluminum Service Bodies. The applications for Reading's steel and aluminum Service Bodies are endless - from the construction industry to property management and hundreds more.

​Service bodies can carry tools, material, parts, and equipment in a secure, organized fashion. Because of its versatility, the service body can be employed by nearly any industry that requires field servicing, installation, or maintenance of any kind.

Reading Service Bodies increase vehicle efficiency and operator productivity
by making all tools and supplies easily accessible to the operator.

Reading manufactures Aluminum Service Bodies that can offer up to 9% fuel
savings with increased payload ​capacity and less wear and tear on the chassis.
They are inherently corrosion resistant, easily recycled, and retain greater
residual value at the end of the life cycle.

Reading offers three styles of service bodies; to see sizes and features that

​are offered in each style, click the link below.