​​The Camel from Super Products, LLC. Offers:
 - Single control panel set-up makes for a simple operation 
sequence that even the newest employees can quickly learn.

- Unique ejector plate technology provides fast, thorough
debris body unloading and washdowns; Innovative
dewatering results in dryer loads, fewer trips to the dump
and reduced disposal costs.

- Single engine design lowers fuel costs, maintenance
requirements and sound levels.

- CAN bus wiring allows for quick, easy troubleshooting to
reduce downtime.

- Hydro Excavation features increased vehicle operation

- Water recycling system reduces time and cost associated
with replenishing water supply as well as make the unit
environmentally friendly.



Super Products' Camel®... makes the job easier...

 Since its introduction more than 35 years ago, our Camel has been a popular choice with both municipal workers and sewer cleaning contractors.

In addition to offering maximum performance to complete the toughest jobs, the units are easy to operate and require virtually no maintenance. And its unique pusher plate unloading and dewatering functions allow the Camel to produce drier loads than any other sewer cleaner on the market today.

​Our Camel sewer & catch basin cleaners are also environmentally-friendly combination units, offering the industry’s only water recycling system.

To schedule a demonstration or purchase Super Products' Equipment, please contact Stringfellow on emailsales@stringfellow.bzor call us at 1-800-832-4404.